Globular Cluster . 2017

Globular Cluster is a collection of illuminated soap sculptures that pique curiosity, invite intimacy and remind us that we are a part of something much bigger. By grabbing attention using all the senses, they stop people from ‘scrolling’ and coerce them to have a closer look, offering a feeling of delight and playfulness.

The ‘lamps’ are made by casting soap using found, re-purposed molds. The palette comes from food colouring, glitter, pom poms, and candy sprinkles. To wake up the taste buds the scents used are food related like spices, fruit or bubblegum . Sounds of white noise and muffled talking are added to draw the viewer in. Using led lights, the sculptures are illuminated from within bringing to mind the comfort of night lights and the night sky.

Each piece is made up of numerous tiny components; like words in a paragraph, cells in an organism, seeds in a pod or people in a community. Being part of something bigger gives each piece more meaning and makes them integral to the whole.

Being a multi-sensory experience, the viewer is brought in closer, curiosity is awakened and the playful self is brought out. As in star gazing, something they discover in the night lights might trigger something that brings joy at being a part of this larger journey.

Here is a small video clip of one of the sound pieces, "Hi, Are You There?". An old smart phone is used to light it up and to add a 'found' sound, giving another clue to the story.