Site Specific . SE Asia

Lost and Found Buddah . 2014

  • Buddha no. 1
  • Buddha #2
  • Buddha no 3
  • Buddha #4 Varada
  • Buddha #5
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edArtist Statement: Lost and Found Buddah

Geo caching is a fun kids’ treasure hunt whereby a small gift is hidden somewhere, the gps location is posted on a geo caching site and the hunt is on!  When the cache is found the finder is welcome to the gift but must leave something else of interest behind.

Lost and Found Buddha  was inspired by this activity while travelling extensively in SE Asia. I left a ‘souvenir’ Buddha behind in each place I visit, hoping to inspire surprise and wonder in each person that  finds one.  It would be wonderful if the finder would either keep the Buddha as a souvenir,  collect them by keeping up with my website,  leave something behind of their own creation, or leave their treasure somewhere new for someone else to discover.  My website is written on each sculpture so that the finder can discover more about their sculpture and leave a comment about their experience with the art piece.

On my travels through Asia I’ve seen thousands of Buddha images.  Each region has a unique way of representing the enlightened one, depending on the mix of Buddhism, Animism, Confucianism and Hinduism.  Keeping to this theme, I’ve found ‘lost’ mementos of each place off the ground or out of a garbage pile, and made a tiny three dimensional collage that reflects that place’s personality, naming each Buddha after various poses and mudras.