I have worked with clay on and off for many years. As I struggled with the dreaded wheel,  I never thought of pottery as being a part of my art practice. 

This changed about a year ago when I discovered hand building and paper clay. 

 At the same time I started getting more interested in the surface design of the pieces. My printmaking experience started making its way onto the clay via embossing, stencilling and image transfer. I also started thinking of the pieces as a canvas, painting the glazes and slips on.

Finally, the hardest part for me is switching my mind-set from functional pottery to ceramic sculpture.  Or even to let the ceramic sculpture be functional or, my favourite, almost functional in a way that isn’t obvious.


You have two opportunities to  come see my ceramic work coming up. First is at the Bridge Studio Crawl  Come visit at arc.hive, 2516 Bridge Street on Friday Nov 8th from 4-8 or Nov 9th from 12-5. Then I’ll be at the Early Bird Holiday Market at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre on Nov 16th from 10-3.