Occupying the Void: an installation in process . 2020


arc.hive Artist Run Centre, February 2020


The manifestation of nothingness is closely associated with the contemplation of emptiness, depression and unknowing. The void may be a waiting area, suspended in a time of transition, waiting for the earth and society to breakdown, for some kind of colossal shift. Things we have become used to and take for granted have come into doubt. It feels like a crisis, a collapse of order. This is the place that transition/transformation takes place, the threshold, a place where newness can take root.

“A sacred space where the old world is able to fall apart and a bigger world is revealed.”    Theologian, Richard Rohr

The angels in the installation represent this waiting area between here and there, the ‘what was’ and the ‘next’, a period of scrutiny. The molds embody the shape of things to come.  


The process of installation took 18 days, elements were constantly moving around, the relationship between objects was forever changing. Viewers were invited to watch, ask questions,  participate during this time. The process became the artwork. Included in the installation are plaster slip molds, found objects dipped in plaster, styrofoam, concrete, ceramic forms and music boxes.