Part one of this work-in-progress is sculptures made from re-purposed found objects and shapes made using 3-D printing.

Over the last few years I have been experiencing severe hearing loss due to otosclerosis. Initially a means to document and grieve this loss Auricals has evolved into a work about the importance of communication and listening. It is about the tools needed to amplify our listening, but also to slow down enough to grasp what is truly important. These tools transport us back  to a time before the web, an analog age, when the amount of information was tractable. 

I am excited to announce an upcoming exhibit in June, 2023 at the Victoria Arts Council, 1800 Store Street. The dates are June 9th to July 23rd. Auricals is opening June 9th at 7pm, the artist talk is June 11th at 3pm.

Part two is a printmaking project in collaboration with the Victoria Arts Council and Flask Publications.

I am in the process of making 8 boxed sets with an edition of 8 hybrid prints and one 3-D prints in each. The hybrid prints consist of solar plate etchings of the sculptures, pronto lithography prints of American Sign Language diagrams, blind embossing and spray painted stencils.

Follow me on instagram as I get this show together! @alisonbigg