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Alison Bigg is a contemporary artist working in Victoria, BC. She works with many different media including  soap, wax, found objects, painting and printmaking.  Alison’s work elicits a visceral response by confronting the viewer with subject matter that isn’t always comfortable to consider/contemplate.  Alison’s current work engages the senses with her sculptures that use cast soap, scent, sound and light.


Alison graduated from Emily Carr College of Art in 1989. In 2017 she finished an Independent Studies program at Vancouver Island School of Art. Alison was awarded a People and Places grant for a large project by the City of Victoria (2012) and has had several solo shows in B.C. She is a board member at Ground Zero Printmakers Society and is a studio member at Arc-Hive ARC.

Please see her CV for more information.